Posted by: zoesmama | October 6, 2008

Smart little girl!

Over the past couple days Zoe has been doing a lot of things that have been shocking me.   Maybe I shouldn’t be shocked, and maybe it is normal for her age group.  But I think she is advancing faster than normal.

For instance, today when i came home for a break, she was sitting outside at her picnic table working on a second puzzle.  the first puzzle was sitting off to the side, completely put together.  She put it together all by herself.  This is a 25pc wooden puzzle with no frame to put the pieces in.  I thought Jesse had helped her with it, but she did it all by herself!

Then a couple days ago she wanted to write on her computer(our old desktop).  I pulled up wordperfect for her and enlarged the font so she could see it well.  Then she told me she was going to write Zoe.  I was on my laptop and turned to see what she was typing and she was holding the Z down.  Then I asked what came next, and she said O and typed o, then E.   Next she needed a new page, so i showed her how to use the enter button so she could get a new sheet.  Then she typed mama, dada, nala & noah.  I helped her spell them along the way, but wasn’t showing her where the keys were.  I had no idea she knew her letters!  Who knew my 2 1/2 yr old would be typing on a computer.  She is growing up way too fast!!

and i’ll leave you with a pic of her in our favorite wrap that we had to sell today.


Zoe in our Hopp

Zoe in our Hopp



  1. Such a great big girl!! Grandma Ellie is counting the days!!!

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