Posted by: zoesmama | September 13, 2008

Green Sprouts!

Tomorrow we are all going to go to Green Sprouts, it is a local “green” festival.  The local babywearing group that i’m in has a booth there and they are going to have two of my carriers for people to try on.  Plus i’ll be there wearing mine and I know a few other mamas who are going to be wearing DC’s.  🙂  Sad thing is, I have no stock made, I’m working on customs that are scheduled out into the end of October!  I need to find more help with sewing.  The seamstress I am using now lives far away and it is hard to work with someone that I can’t just drop something off.  I even called a few sewing houses to see about contract sewing.  I need to keep researching that.  I figure someday i’ll make a contact with someone who can hook me up with a local sewing house.  That would be ideal.

Anyway, there is also a babywearing fashion show and we’ll be participating in it.  Should be fun!  Zoe can’t wait!

I’m going to bring my camera, so hopefully i’ll have some pics of the event.



  1. Babywearing fashion show? Pictures Demanded! 🙂

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